Name: Harlan/Kambo
Species: Gray fox
Age: 22
Eyes: Green
Hair (optional): gray, short
Hair (optional): black, shoulder-length
Base: Gray
Lower jaw, going down belly: White
Hands, feet, and tail/ear tips: Black

Clothing: Jeans, long-sleeved dark blue henley
If warm weather: Sleeves pushed up
If cold weather: Add front-zipping dark hoodie (whether zipped depends on how cold)

Head ref:

Head reference


Name: Camille
Species: Border collie
Age: 22
Eyes: Green
Coloration style: Tricolor
Base: Black
Secondary: White
Intermediary: Brown

Clothing: Capris, neutral-color tank top, basic neutral-color cardigan, necklace
If warm weather: Capris -> shorts, no cardigan
If cold weather: Add light fur-lined coat, capris -> full pants

Coloration ref:

Camille coloration reference

Clothing ref: (minus the glasses/scarf)

Camille clothes reference